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Hanz de Fuko Natural Shampoo and Natural Conditioner

So I came across this brand - Hanz de Fuko, on a trip to New York sometime in late 2014. I was looking for a hairstyling product that would give me strength without the shine and glossiness of the typical pomade, and was recommended the Claymation by Hanz De Fuko. The relatively affordable price and the ease of application won me over, and I was soon a fervent fan of the Hanz de Fuko product.

Of course, being based back in Singapore, this wasn't a brand that one could walk into any Watson's to restock easily (alongside the multi-coloured palette of Gatsby products). So it was an online search which led me to DeckOut, and finally!! I didn't have to beg my friends who were heading to USA for business trips to pick up additional Claymation.

All this while, I've been recommended a particular Korean brand of shampoo by my hairstylist but somehow it lacked the oomph and kick of a good hair cleansing product. Being in a hot humid climate meant at least two showers a day - once in the morning to kickstart the hair, and once in the evening to wash the hairstyling product out before I hit the sack. Being on shift duty sometimes doesn't help at all, so my hair became kind of oily and limp! Which of course, made styling my hair even tougher.

Luckily I chanced upon this superb promotion by Deckout to "Tame Your Hair". first thoughts -  shampoo AND conditioner from my favourite hairstyling product brand? sign me up! Before long, I received an email from Zach at Deckout and there it was, two sets of Hanz de Fuko shampoo & conditioner for me!

Hanz de Fuko Natural Shampoo and Natural Conditioner 

First use - hmm, didn't really lather up as much as the normal shampoo most of us are used to. That's probably because it was sulfate free! Still it did its primary job of washing out the hairstyling product, and perhaps slightly less effort was needed to thoroughly cleanse my hair before it was clean. However, my hair still felt a bit "clumpy" after the wash - a problem which was remedied upon using a slightly more generous 20cent squeeze of the shampoo. On days when I went a bit crazy and overboard with the Claymation and hairspray, a second round of shampooing was needed but hey, it did the job!

On to the conditioner - let's just say 1 + 1 equals to more than 2 in this case. Combining both the use of shampoo and conditioner really made my hair feel much softer than before! It was a bit hard to squeeze out the conditioner from the bottle initially, so the first few times I did use a large generous amount. My hair came out really soft and so much easier to manage and dry after that (no more stuck sensation while combing)! There was also a rather fruity flavor to it, but not the overwhelming lemon citrusy type which so often makes you feel like you just dipped your head into a dishwashing detergent. So I resorted to using a more generous amount of conditioner only at the end of the day before bed, because styling hair which is too soft is kinda tricky when you are trying to achieve the pompadour look. 

My hair did start to look more shiny (not in the bad oily greasy way thankfully) and it became smoother and easier to comb through after a few days of use, which led to much easier hairstyling!

If you already have gorgeous lush-looking smooth-as-silk advertisement-worthy hair, then congrats, you don't need this product. But if you are a typical Singaporean dude who has to fight the heat and humidity and oil and still have the itch to try to maintain a somewhat presentable hairdo, then I strongly suggest this combo of Hanz de Fuko shampoo & conditioner!

Zhong Yang

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