About Us

DeckOut About Us

Founded in 2014, DeckOut’s mission is to be the consumers’ online retailer of choice for finding the best beauty and grooming products from all around the world and making them easily available to all consumers, from all around the world. To do this, our DeckOut team focuses on 3 key areas:


Sourcing the best from around the world:

We carefully source for high-quality and functional products from aspirational brands from around the world. We love brands that invest in natural, top quality ingredients, and design-centric packaging, and we love them even more when they manufacture products in environmentally-friendly ways. And when they have aspirational brand stories to back their right-to-exist, that love turns into an obsession. Those are the brands we look out for, and those are the brands we make available to our consumers.


Creating personalized shopping experience:

DeckOut was never created to just be an online retailer. Instead, we wanted DeckOut to be a shopper’s playground and we do this by offering shopping experiences that are personalized, flexible and informative. These experiences come to life through

  • Our customized sampling offering, where our customers can choose the type of new products they’d like to try
  • Our auto-replenish program gives customers a choice to replenish frequently used products automatically based on a frequency that ensures they never run out of their favourite products.
  • Our DeckOut journal provides easy-to-digest information on what’s new in the beauty and grooming world and how one can best care for themselves. We continue to look for programs like these to make our customers’ shopping experiences better.


Building a Community:

Caring for one’s well-being doesn’t just involve a good beauty and grooming regime. It requires a great holistic lifestyle. With our DeckOut club initiative, we collaborate with quality partners in F&B, fitness and lifestyle categories so as to offer our customers access to the best experiences. With the club, our intent is to build a community for quality, conscious care and that starts with eating well, looking good and feeling great.