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Hanz de Fuko

Straight outta San Francisco in 2009, Hanz de Fuko was born. These “one of a kind" hair products are created to bring out the hidden artistic powers within all of us. You only live once, so have fun and do whatever the hell you want to. Hair good, life good.

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Doers of London

Doers of London was founded in London by self-made men; entrepreneurs who through their collective experience in formulating and distributing some of the highest quality products available, spotted a white-space in what seems like an impossibly cluttered and complicated market.

CORPUS Naturals

CORPUS is made for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of going natural. CORPUS has refined and redesigned what a natural formula can be. The result is body care that goes above and beyond what you may have come to expect from “natural.”Our proprietary vegan, plant-based formulations are designed to be both purposeful, and elicit happiness.

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Patricks was started by Mr Patrick Kidd in 2011. He had the vision to produce the best performing product possible. He gave the formulation lab an open budget to create one of the world's most luxury and effective hair styling product.

Morris Motley

Morris Motley is the best hair products “Down Under” has to offer. Don’t wait for anything else to carry your hair into luxury. Feel like it’s Saturday night everyday with Vegan Certified products such as Morris Motley Matte Styling Balm that took 10 years to create. All at the expense of not having to deal with another bad hair day.

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Jack Henry

Jack Henry started as an idea to craft their own products using thoughtful, clean and natural ingredients has now become a full line of thoughtfully hand-crafted hair, skin and body products.

Imperial Barber

An authority in masculine men’s grooming and hair products, Imperial Barber started in 2009. Founded by master barbers Scott Serrata and Pedro Zermeno, Imperial Barber hair products set to evolve the craft of men’s grooming by bringing timeless grooming traditions into the home via all-natural, utilitarian, premium hair products.
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By Vilain

Some say it’s magic, others say it’s By Vilain. Inspiring hairstyling trends around the world, the Scandinavian brand offers products of high quality and sleek aesthetics that men’s shelves should not do without.
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MÜHLE, another great addition to your Deck - right out of Germany, proving that German is on another league. Pioneering the way into luxurious shave products, from wet shaving to commercialised razors. They've got everything covered. MÜHLE and DeckOut have a ton of things in common - Bringing great products whilst giving consumers nothing short of perfection.
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Scent by SIX

Sceny by SIX Scents are is as natural as the rain, and it's just not what you thought it was till now. Fragrances tend to crumble at extremes, get drawn in and stop living in blissful ignorance that is the same one as the trees, unaware that they've been living in a forest - stand out, get captured and entranced within Scent by SIX, made in collaboration with world-renowned perfumers that’s friendly for travel and your wallet.
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The Groomed Man Co

For Daniel Mahony, the founder of The Groomed Man Co., his story dates back to the Stone Age, when prehistoric man would maintain their beards using seashells, rocks and other ambiguous paraphernalia. Or, as reality might have it, 15 years ago when he started growing facial hair.
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French Girl Organics

French Girl Organics is envisioned for a healthier World, where self-care and sustainability meet in the middle. Luxurious products that are made from sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients, to make you beautiful while supporting Earth. Proud water-free formulations, substituting water with only botanical extracts.