DeckOut Series: Oil makes skin oily? A myth!

The common misconception about facial oil products is that it will leave skin feeling even oilier after application. That is not necessarily true. In fact, high quality oil products that are made with natural ingredients can help your skin absorb the nutrients and lock in hydration by reinforcing the lipid barrier even more effectively than most moisturizing creams. They also deliver fat-soluble nutrients that assist skin cells in the regeneration process, thus stalling the ageing process. Fwoah!

With that said, not all facial oils are made equal so you have to be selective in the brand and product to use. Always go for natural blends and avoid oils that are made with mineral oil and synthetics, as these cheap formulations may do more harm than good.

What’s more, this stay-home period possibly means spending more time in front of our computer screens and mobile phones, subjecting our skin to blue-light damage. Fear not! Antioxidant facial oil can help counter free-radical damage from blue light, while containing fat-soluble nutrients that help our skin repair the damage. What’s more, who would mind looking good on Zoom?

You might be asking… where does one go to for the best antioxidant facial oil then? Our answer is simply,  Salt & Stone’s Antioxidant Facial Oil. Salt & Stone prides itself in creating products that are rich in natural ingredients and free of chemicals and synthetics that your skin does not need. Their Facial Oil is no different. It is made with an antioxidant rich blend that detoxifies and purifies skin from daily and environmental stressors. This hydrating formula is enriched with fatty acids and vitamin E, both of which deeply nourishes and replenishes the skin. While it’s an oil, it is easily absorbed into skin and is fragrance free. In short, Salt & Stone’s Antioxidant Facial Oil is the OG and we highly recommended you to try it.

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