Let's talk about hair shall we?


Pomades seem to be all the rage now and we can no longer keep track of the new pomade brands that keep springing up! Thing is, Pomade isn’t new. It is one of the most old school hair styling products but it’s made a comeback because of the growing popularity of the slick-back pompadour hair-do. We credit this to the Mad Men TV series. How can anyone resist not wanting to be like Don Draper? We couldn’t.

The good thing about Pomade’s comeback is its improvement in ingredient make-up. It used to be made of bear fat (not kidding…) in the 1800s, then manufacturers made “improvement” and used petroleum jelly by the 1900s. Now, you can find Pomades that are water-based. That’s REAL improvement.

Pomades have made a comeback, and I’m glad they have come back in true style.


Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off. Ok, if you don’t get our drift, you’re probably too young. Or we are showing our age. Either ways, please go watch Karate Kid (the 1984 version, not the one with Will Smith’s kid which was good but nowhere as good as the first one).

We disgress. Hair wax is known as a thick hairstyling product and it usually holds hair pretty well. The good thing about hair wax is… it’s pliable and it’ll remain pliable throughout the day as it doesn’t dry out much. This is of course, if you don’t use the horrible waxes sold in supermarkets or pharmacies. Nothing against the brands they sell but… they are really NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HAIR!

Waxes have gained popularity in the last decade and you can often find them with labels such as “putty”, “glue”, “molding gum”, “paste”, etc. Wax is wax… and you’ll find only the best at DeckOut.


When we think of Clay, we think of pottery or facial masks our baes use. It’s only in the recent years that we’ve heard of Clay on the hair! Who should I credit for that? Hanz de Fuko! But we’ll get to that later.

For starters… what is hair Clay? Clay is pretty similar to hair Wax excep that they typically give more of a matte texture than Waxes. They also make the hair soft and disentangles hair. Whutttttt… Talk about a kickass product! Clays have little to no shine but it typically has stronger hold than most waxes.  In that way, Clays provide a more natural look as it doesn’t bring out too much shine in the hair. Clay me up scotty!


I learnt that fat-based gel was used to style the hair of ancient Egyptian mummies because it ensured their style stayed in place in both life and death. That is what I call EXTREME HOLD!

Thankfully, modern hair gel was invented in the 1960s and their qualities have improved over time. Hair gels resist natural protein conformations, which allows hair to be set in a particular style. You’ll probably remember using gels when you were in your early teenage years… and you’ll probably remember how it gets flaky and stiffens your hair. I’m really glad to tell you that those days are over. Want to know why? You’ll see from the gels we have to offer.   


When we think of hair styling creams, we think of creams that country clubs offer for free in the men’s changing rooms. Remember that white, liquid paper looking cream that also smells like deodorant. Old school!

Creams are typically used for the shiny, natural look. Unfortunately they have the reputation of being a very oily and greasy. We have found some brands that have created creams that give the natural look without all the bad things creams are typically known for.  Not so old-school anymore aye, old sport?

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