DeckOut Guide: The Smoothest Shave (Safety Shaver Edition)

I enjoy taking a few hours off to enjoy a full shave service in the hands of a veteran. The whole experience & of course the end results make it a worthy treat. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking to get Deck-ed (I couldn’t help it!) out for a special occasion. But if you’ve got your eye on trying out a safety razor in the comfort of your own home, here are some tips I’ve used to get it (almost) as smooth as the professionals.

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Tip #1: It’s All Aesthetics

Before you start putting blade to beard, pick up a safety razor that works for you. There are tons in the market with different materials, colours & finishes. While picking a type of safety razor really depends on your personal style, we would highly recommend picking up the razor in your hand to get a good gauge on the balance and weight. This would affect the overall experience of shaving back at home.

Tip: New to using a safety razor? Opt for safety razor that has a ridged handle. This gives you a better grip, especially in a wet bathroom.


Tip #2: Open or Close

Safety Razors come in 2 variants: Closed Comb or Open Comb. A Closed Comb razor has much of the blade covered by the razor head edge. This means a less aggressive shave which is ideal if you’re new to safety razors as you’re less likely to nick yourself. 

The Open Comb razor is excellent for shaving thick or coarse hair because its ridges expose more of the blade. The blade gets closer to your skin so you can get a closer shave with fewer strokes & minimize your chances of irritation, redness and razor burn.

Tip #3: You and Your Beard 

Face stubble generally grows in a downwards direction. Areas like the neck and chin though can grow sideways. It’ll really help your shaving technique if you can understand your own stubble growth pattens.

Tip #4: Prep Yourself

Skip the body soaps for this one. Shaving soaps and creams might add to the stash in the bathroom but it’s a vital key to a successful shave. Body soaps tend to be drying and you really want hydrated & lubricated skin for a smooth shave. For beginners, opt for a Shave Cream, it lathers quick so you can focus on the shave.

Tip #5: Blade to Beard

When it comes to safety razors there’s one thing, you’ll need to consistently maintain which you won’t have to think twice with a cartridge razor: angles. For safety razors, it’s best to hold your razor to stubble at a 30-degree angle. Too little you won’t catch any hairs. Too much and there’s a good chance you might nick yourself badly.

Remember to pull your skin taut when utilising a safety razor. This allows the blade to pass through more easily as the blade has consistent contact with the skin minimizing the chances of nicks and cuts.

We talked about hair growth direction, this is when it comes to play. Shaving with the direction of your hair reduces the chances of skin irritation and guarantees a closer shave.

Tip #5: Aftercare

While not a ‘must’ when it comes to shaving, working an aftershave balm or lotion will help refresh and soothe the skin after a shave. It’ll also prevent any additional irritation and infections post-shave. If you have sensitive skin opt for after-shave products contain calming ingredients, such as aloe or chamomile, as these can help soothe the skin and may calm redness.

If you’re looking to pick up safety shaving but don’t know where to start, reach out to us in Instagram, we would be happy to assist in getting you started!

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