Hanz de Fuko Deluxe Mini Kit

Deluxe Mini Kit includes 4 sample sized products, great for "cock-tailing" and travel.

Each sample jar is 0.25oz/7ml.

Mix & Match your favorite stylers!

CMHMTSTP - Super High Hold Set: Claymation , Heavymade, Two Ton Styling Cream, Two Ton Pomade

CMQSHMGP - Claymation, Quicksand, Heavymade, Gravity Paste

CMQSMPSC - Claymation, Quicksand, Modify Pomade, Scheme Cream

CMQSSWTS - All Matte Set: Claymation, Quicksand, Sponge Wax, Two Ton Styling Cream

CMSWMPGP - Claymation, Sponge Wax, Modify Pomade, Gravity Paste

QSSWGPHW - Quicksand, Sponge Wax, Gravity Paste, Hybridized Wax

HMMPGPSC - High & Medium Shine Set: Heavymade, Modify Pomade, Gravity Paste, Scheme Cream

HMGPHWTP - Shine with Hold Variation: Heavymade, Gravity Paste, Hybridized Wax, Two Ton Pomade


Claymation - The high caliber styling product will always work with you, never against you. Incredible "Clay-Wax" hybrid made with a touch of quicksand. Claymation contains all natural ingredients, which means it's actually good for your hair while providing powerful, "all-day" nourishment from roots to end.

  • Provides supreme holding power
  • Ultimate pliability for the perfect, semi-matte hairstyle
  • Completely water soluble

Quicksand -Craving that "beach-y" textured hairstyle with high hold? This groundbreaking formulation will add volume, absorb excessive oil and add texture with zero weight! This high-hold product is one part styling wax and one part dry shampoo. The gritty formula contains diatomaceous earth, a soft granular rock similar to pumice that sucks up excess oil on the hair and scalp. 


  • Provides "sea salt", ultra-matte finish
  • Adds great lift on second-day hair

Gravity Paste - A scientific breakthrough, Gravity Paste contains revolutionary properties that activates once the product is applied and rubbed between the palms of the hand allowing for effortless hair sculpting.This innovative new styling product provides high-hold with "Super-Grip"technology for achieving any hairstyle imaginable with low gloss shine.

Sponge Wax - The best wax formulation for achieving the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness with a great matte finish. Unique ingredients combine for limitless styling creativity with long-lasting, pliable hold.

  • Great for all hair types, especially thick, unmanageable hair
  • Can also be used as a pre-styler and heat protectant

Scheme Cream - Hassle-Free styling cream with ultimate versatility. Works great as a PRE-STYLER or for creating pliable hairstyles with natural texture. Provides ultimate versatility on wet or dry hair.

  • Humidity resistant.
  • Provides demi-shine finish.

Heavymade- The ultimate water based pomade that goes on clean and heavy allowing you to manipulate your hair any way you please. From traditional pompadours, to classic red carpet looks, you can count on all day hold with no maintenance.

  • - Humidity-resistant
  • Washes out easily
  • Perfect for clean, modern hairstyles

Modify Pomade - This formula is the most traditional of the Hanz de Fuko product line. Its unique product consistency allows for perfect classical styling without the heavy, over-greased feel. An ongoing favourite among those with slicked back, "undercut" inspired hair styles, or classical sleek looks.

  • Humidity-resistant
  • Washes out easily
  • Ultra lightweight shine

Hybridized Wax- This water-based wax with medium hold is made for edgy hair experiments. Whether you’re aiming for a smooth or heavily textured hairstyle, this product goes on clean without residue. Iridescent mica gives this water-based wax a natural shine, while a blend of oils, including clove leaf, eucalyptus and sage will moisturize and condition your hair and stimulate hair growth.

Two Ton Pomade- Our TWO TON Pomade was formulated to provide INSANELY high hold with a satin shine. From traditional pompadours, to classic red carpet looks, you can count on all day control with zero maintenance.

  • Washes out easily (100% water based)
  • Perfect for clean, modern hairstyles

Two Ton Styling Cream- Our TWO TON Styling Cream was formulated to provide INSANELY high hold with a matte finish. You can also re-style your hair throughout the day without losing holding power!

  • Washes out easily (100% water based)
  • Perfect for clean, modern, textured hairstyles
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    Please refer to each products' listing.
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