Bolin Webb Razor X1 Nero Black - Gillette Fusion 5

All Black - dramatic minimalism.
The award-winning X1 luxury razor, fitted with a 5-blade Fusion Proglide cartridge, raises the bar of innovative grooming design. It was the curve and detail of modern supercars that helped to form the X1 razor design.

  • Award winning razors for men
  • Fitted with Gillette Fusion5 blades
  • 5 blade technology for the closest shave
  • Primed and painted to an automotive finish
  • Presented in a razor gift box

Make a statement with this truly masculine all-black razor. Finished in piano and satin blacks, paints also used by some of the UK’s most prestigious automotive marques. The X1 Collection is compatible with Gillette’s Fusion razor blade cartridge. Presented in a gift box with one blade cartridge.


Available in 4 colours:
Argent Black, Nero Black, Eiger Grey, Ocean Blue and Cooper Red

Razors Made in England.

Razor Care instructions

R1 and R1-S razors are used for wet shaving and are good razors for sensitive skin.

X1 razors are used for wet shaving.

Replace the Gillette cartridge as regularly as you feel is necessary, click here for more guidance on changing your blades. New blade cartridges can be bought online, or in all major supermarkets and chemists. After wet shaving, the razor should be rinsed in water. The razor can be cleaned occasionally with soap in warm water.

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