Bolin Webb Special Edition R1 British Racing Green Razor - Gillette Mach 3

A special edition celebration of 10 years of Bolin Webb. Our British Racing Green razor, combined with our black R1 gravity stand.


  • Award-winning razors for men
  • Fitted with Gillette Mach3 blades
  • 3 blade technology for sensitive skin
  • Primed and painted to an automotive finish
  • Presented in a razor gift box

British Racing Green is the most iconic of British motor racing colours. Drawing on our automotive industry production techniques, it’s no surprise that we chose this to create this classic R1 edition with its unique stand – a timeless combination.


Available with gravity stand – a unique and practical way to display your razor.


Razors Made in England.


Razor Care instructions

R1 and R1-S razors are used for wet shaving and are good razors for sensitive skin.

X1 razors are used for wet shaving.

Replace the Gillette cartridge as regularly as you feel is necessary, click here for more guidance on changing your blades. New blade cartridges can be bought online, or in all major supermarkets and chemists. After wet shaving, the razor should be rinsed in water. The razor can be cleaned occasionally with soap in warm water.