MÜHLE ACCESSORIES- Porcelain Shaving Bowl with Knob

What would a wet shave be without a real lathering?! This porcelain shaving mug, which is made for us in Germany, really makes the pleasure complete. To give this accessory its deep black colour, the mug has to be fired twice. Before that, it is lacquered by hand. Elegant and practical thanks to the knob, which is easy to hold in the hand, the mug with extra high rim is suitable for all our shaving soaps. After whipping up the lather with one of our MÜHLE shaving brushes, the small elevation at the bottom ensures that the soap stays dry until the next use.

The Material:

  • Porcelain
    Its manufactures dates back to ancient China; in Europe, 'white gold' was first produced in 1708. An elegant, delicate material which must be worked with extreme care, from the manufacture of the blank shapes to the completed individual piece. Each body is shaped, glazed and fired by hand.
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