What's New

The latest arrival at DeckOut

The latest in hair, skin and body care DeckOut has to offer. Joining our selection of brands this quarter are Patricks, The Groomed Man Co and Jack Henry

Introducing The Groomed Man Co Original Beard Oil. This beard oil softens the beard, eliminates the itch, moisturizes the skin preventing dry flakes, strengthens the hair and follicles preventing split ends

New in DeckOut is also the award-winning Patricks SH1 Thickening Shampoo. Winner of UK Esquire for Best Shampoo for Promoting Hair Growth. 

Muehle latest safety razor - Muehle Razor Companion is their first unisex double-edged safety razor. It is easy to use and ideal for beginners.

Check out the latest deodorant. The Salt & Stone Santal Natural Deodorant is a long-lasting natural deodorant formulated for 48-hour protection.

Along with household names of clean and sustainable grooming like Hanz de Fuko, By Vilain and Doers of London, we at DeckOut will continuously strive to bring you the best.

From head to toe, we got you covered.