Salt & Stone

Salt & Stone is a unisex skin and body care brand from Los Angeles, California. With a focus on natural, organic, cruelty-free ingredients.

While a lot of other Sun-care brands, they are way too good at faking it. With ingredients like zinc oxide, trying to fool consumers into doing things they don’t really want to by endanger themselves without knowing it.
Be the best version of you, with Salt & Stone sometimes the things other people can’t see will be what helps you breathe. Sun care is tricky, but with natural, organic, cruelty-free ingredients there’s nothing to hide. Sending shivers right down your spine with an amazing range of products from residue free SPF products to amazing deodorants. There’s nothing clean products can’t accomplish when done right. Protect your skin. Protect the environment. With Salt & Stone, you’ll be alright.
EST. 2017 Nima Jalai, professional snowboarder needed products that were clean and effective and there was nothing out there. Thus, berthing a natural brand to enhance his lifestyle and performance while you reap the benefits.