MÜHLE Shaving Set Safety Razor RYTMO

RYTMO – Shaving set of MÜHLE, pure badger, with safety razor, handle material made of high-grade resin black

RYTMO 3-part shaving set with bowl, handles of high-grade resin with chromed metal accents:

  • Shaving brush with pure badger
  • Shaving brush size M = medium shaving brush head with 21 mm ring
  • Safety razor, compatible with classic razor blades
  • Soap dish made of metal, chrome-plated
  • Stand made of metal, chrome-plated

The Material – High-grade resin – RYTMO Shaving Set Design Series

Incredible - practicality and beauty fused into one, nothing but the best. Each brush is individually piece is polished multiple times to make sure you won't have to worry about the shine whilst maintaining their beauty for the ages. 

Chrome, the final touch added to the masterpiece, oh' that lovely shiny material. The perfect touch to end anything off. A bounty of great qualities: corrosion-resistant, hella' long-lasting and mighty damn fine! 

The Brushhead – Pure badger – RYTMO Shaving Set Design Series

Pure badger hair is recommended for an excellent brush as it has strong ends with soft and more flexible bristles - making distribution an ease in addition to giving your face a slight massage when in use. This also means that badger hair can help remove dead skin making shaving a world easier. 

The Razorhead – Classic razor blade – RYTMO Shaving Set Design Series

Classic razor blades are required to be respected - proceed with caution if you are new as it is requires precision in its use. However once mastered takes your game to a whole new level!

Much like everything else in life, preference is key. Choosing the right blade to pair with this intricate instrument is of paramount. If you've got a dense and long beard a hella' sharp blade will benefit you more whilst others can seek more comfort in gentler blades.

DeckOut has got you covered with the MÜHLE razor blades of epic proportions! 

Shave safe. Shaving with DeckOut has never been easier.

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