MÜHLE Razor Gillette® Fusion™ RYTMO

The Material – Steamed ash

Made with beautiful ash thats been cooked not by pikachu but in the manufactory very briefly at extreme temperatures and the wood takes on a beautiful brown tone.

To preserve the naturalness of the surface, however, it is treated only with oil, not lacquered. This provides the wood with absolute protection against water and makes it particularly long-lasting.

Chrome, the final touch, oh that lovely shiny material. The perfect touch to end anything off. A bounty of great qualities: corrosion-resistant, hella' long-lasting and mighty damn fine! 

The Razorhead – Gillette® Fusion™

Used to to warm embrace of five blades with Gillette®? Well, theres a sneaky precision edging blade located on the back of the cartridge for more delicate shaving/shaping. Perfect for beginners of shaving, amazing for travel as the plastic protects the blade and prevents cuts, a great addition to any deck.

Works for all MÜHLE Gillette® Fusion™ razors.

Shave safe. Shaving with DeckOut has never been easier.

* Not available for Auto-replenish.

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