MÜHLE R41 Traditional Chrome Safety Razor

R41 TRADITIONAL Safety Razor, Open Comb

The Material – Chrome

Chrome, oh that lovely shiny material. The perfect touch to end anything off. A bounty of great qualities: corrosion-resistant, hella' long-lasting and mighty damn fine! 

The Razorhead – Tooth-comb razor

Opened tooth combs are developed for veterans of the wet shave as the angle of the blade , now thats not to say that beginners can't give it a go - however, do proceed with caution if you are new as it is requires precision in its use. 

Much like everything else in life, preference is key. Choosing the right blade to pair with this intricate instrument is of paramount. If you've got a dense and long beard a hella' sharp blade will benefit you more whilst others can seek more comfort in gentler blades.

DeckOut has got you covered with the MÜHLE razor blades of epic proportions! 

When shaving, do not apply any pressure, let the well rounded MÜHLE products do its job - glide with ease and comfort whilst going with the grain which will be more than sufficient!

Shave safe. Shaving with DeckOut has never been easier.

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