• MÜHLE shaving cream Aloe Vera 75 ml
  • MÜHLE RYTMO Black Fibre shaving brush black 21 M 226

The wet shaving starter set includes a RYTMO shaving brush with Black Fibre and a tube aloe vera shaving cream.

The Brushhead:

  • Black Fibre
    Innovative into the future: with its dark colouring, softness and quality, this synthetic fibre is the sustainable answer to the questions of our time. Black Fibre resembles natural badger hair, but is more robust and durable, and at the same time slightly softer at the tip than the natural material. The MÜHLE manufactory’s very own innovation makes it possible to whip up a particularly creamy shaving lather. The amount of effort required for cleaning and drying is significantly lower.

The Shaving Cream:
  • Aloe Vera is considered to be an unbeatable moisturiser. The gel obtained from the leaves of this traditional medicinal plant is ideal for sensitive minds and skin prone to dryness. Finely attuned to other natural ingredients, this skincare range convinces with a refreshing fragrance and a pleasant feeling.


Moisten the shaving zone – the face and neck – with warm water. Create a lather from the shaving cream by using a brush and apply in gentle strokes, then allow to take effect for one or two minutes. Without applying too much pressure, shave off the beard using a sharp blade. Then rinse the skin with fresh water.